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  • I'm not there

    Anyone else seen this yet? Was original - a bit too long for me - but Cate Blanchett made it all worth while. Genius performance from her!
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    Re: I'm not there

    Seeing it this Saturday.


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      Re: I'm not there

      Loved it. Rich and risk-taking, great fun for anyone who was around in the 60s (the opening tracking shot even included someone dressed as my avatar, Moondog, whom Dylan knew as well), with a terrific and convincing performance by Cate Blanchett, and some lovely and interesting performances by the rest of the cast.

      And then of course there's the music.

      After further reflection, I think that Haynes very distinctly captured what's made Dylan such an interesting figure all these years. Back in the 60s every record he released was like finding a kind of commentary on the world at that particular moment. His album covers were (over)studied for their symbolism, and I remember once seeing Phil Ochs at the Gaslight Café in the Village telling a funny story. He said, "One day I was taking a walk in Central Park, and the clouds suddenly broke, and sunlight streamed in and I heard the voice of God say," and now he put on his Dylan voice, "Phil..." And everyone dissolved in laughter.
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