Movie tailer or ad for HP? You decide!



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  • Movie tailer or ad for HP? You decide!

    This is truly ridiculous - this is seemingly a movie trailer for the upcoming film Jumper, but a few seconds in it totally goes down another path:

    This has gotta be either a one shot thing, or a joke of some sort that just isn't funny, right? The trailer for the movie is pretty much an ad for not just HP, but also for a number of other products.

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    Re: Movie tailer or ad for HP? You decide!

    Saw it the other day .... it made me vomit a little in my mouth.

    But.... I could see this evolving into something decent. Wouldn't it be nice if instead of 30 second clips, we could see a 2minute short film with some not-so subtle ads thrown in?
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      Re: Movie tailer or ad for HP? You decide!

      I saw this a few days ago as well... And this really disturbs me.

      They are now finding ways to write commercials into movies as part of the narrative and vice versa. Even if the narrative is a trailer this is still a bastard hybrid I think we all dreaded was coming, but did not think the studios and corporations would resort to.

      Then again, I didn't think the Writers Strike would still be going on (and might go on until June), nor did I ever think I'd see planes flown into sky scapers and obliterate them, let alone America attack a country that never attacked us. So, in all sincerity, anything is possible.
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