Justice League Movie Doomed to Die?



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  • Justice League Movie Doomed to Die?


    Taken from FirstShowing

    I've certainly been public about my resentment of the Justice League movie previously. I don't think I'm alone here when I say that almost everything seems bad about the project (well, not the costumes). More than anything I'm on Christopher Nolan's side, where I'm worried that it will tarnish the brilliance of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. But besides that, Warner Brothers is just doing it all wrong. They're making a Teen Titans movie with different actors (and thus different characters) and butchering it to hell with the typical Hollywood bull****. However, an internal studio deadline is coming, and from the sounds of it, Justice League may be canned entirely!

    The Hollywood Insider Blog on Entertainment Weekly posted this update last week:

    "The ongoing WGA strike now has Warner Bros.' superhero bonanza Justice League of America in its crosshairs. A source tells Hollywood Insider that filmmakers would like another script rewrite and are now debating whether to begin shooting without one. The studio has a Jan. 15 deadline to either greenlight League for a spring production start — meaning a summer '09 release — or push it into the post-strike ether."