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  • Once - Posted Deleted

    Was my post re: the movie Once earlier today deleted for some reason?

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    Re: Once - Posted Deleted

    Don't know if it was or not, but I do know there is an existing thread for that film.



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      Re: Once - Posted Deleted

      No. Not from what I can tell. Did you see the completed post on the forums? Live? Or do you think you posted one and possibly it didn't go through? I checked the logs and nothing like that has been removed today or at all.
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        Re: Once - Posted Deleted -Probably my fault but one more question

        Will and prescribe22 - thank you for your replies, I evidently messed up something when I tried posting the first time (and prescribe22, I tried searching for a thread before I posted but evidently I messed up there also - I'm usually better at technology so I thought).

        Our film discussion group just selected this film to analyze and we can't agree on some points so I volunteered to get this board's opinion. For those of you that remembered watching the film, which scene do you think the two leads fall in love; when they at the music shop where she plays the piano for him and they sing together or when they are at the recording studio and she sings her song (that she composed for her husband) and she puts her head on his shoulder, or ???

        Also, for this short film (script was only 62 pages), we think there was no real midpoint because the film was so even keel throughout. Can anyone identify any midpoint?