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      Originally posted by Signal30 View Post
      Wait... you had a shot a turning in a draft that made more sense than Howling II...
      No. I wrote a spec back when I was living in beautiful downtown Concord, CA and had zero connections (not like I have many now). It was a stand alone werewolf movie that could easily have been HOWLING 2 (and that was my hope at the time... but I had no way to get it to anyone). Many years later - last year, I think - this director told me he knew the company who owns the rights now, and could get the script to them... and I didn't follow through. I was doing something else.

      No one's sister was a werewolf in mine. My story was plot 53 - people trapped in a snowbound cabin and one is a werewolf. AND THEN THERE WERE NONE or that James Blish short story. But the twist is - the werewolf wanted to sire cubs, and could only do that with a virgin.... so the virgins are trying to remedy that condition quickly. All of the other horror flicks like HALLOWEEN had the virgins as the survivors, I wanted to make fun of that. I *will* rewrite the script and get it to this director sometime... after I finish all of this other stuff.

      - Bill
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