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  • Is It Me Or

    do many of the biggest grossing films of all time have dsome religious theme or artifact in them.
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    Re: Is It Me Or

    Not sure about every blockbuster. But many of them certainly do.

    When you strip every form of religion down to its core - it's always about good vs evil. Same goes for mythology. These artifacts always seem to be some kind of antenna or medium to us and the supernatural/biblical world - either good or evil.

    I guess there's something inherently embedded in our DNA that responds to these kinds of stories. Probably comes from way back when we were thrilling our tribe members with stories being grunted out around campfires and scrawled on cave walls.
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      Re: Is It Me Or

      I think it's sort of a stretch... that if you eliminate the powerhouse franchises with the three or four sequels each (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Pirates), the rest are generally religion/artifact free.
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        Re: Is It Me Or

        add Ghost, ET, and The Matrix.
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