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    Re: Most Bankable Actresses In Hollywood

    Originally posted by Sinnycal View Post
    Has anyone in the history of the world ever gone to a movie because Naomi Watts was NAKED in it?


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      Re: "Best Actresses For The Buck"

      Originally posted by Sinnycal View Post
      I don't know if that is the best example.

      Iron Man doesn't owe its box office to Downey's name draw or anything like that, but I think it did benefit from positive word-of-mouth about his performance. He was pitch perfect for that role, and a great performance can certainly help a movie.
      I disagree. I would never have seen a film called Iron Man - EVER - if it weren't for Downey. I know a lot of people outside the usual comic book/super hero fanbase who saw this film ONLY because Downey was in it. It lends a silly fanboy type film cred the moment a name like Downey Jnr is attached.

      And Naomi Watts? I tend to see her films not because I love her dearly, although I think she's great, but I like her taste. The stuff she does (and likes, I presume) is similar to what I like. Again, I would bet there are a lot of people who do that too, outside of a film's usual fanbase.

      Is it enough on which to bankroll a movie? Not for most actors/actresses. But that's because it's ridiculous to think any single factor will determine any movie's total box office, unless it brings with it its own ready-made fanbase.

      For everything else, it's but one contributing factor.
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        Re: "Best Actresses For The Buck"

        Exactly. There are many factors that determine how marketable a project is. The Concept, while extremely important, is just one factor.

        The director is a factor. I didn't see COLLATERAL because of Cruise or Foxx. I saw it based on what Mann did with HEAT.

        Some may go to see a movie only because the reviews and wordamouth were favorable.
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          Re: "Best Actresses For The Buck"

          Originally posted by vmf View Post
          Well, Spiderman is a great example - put any of 5-10 young actors in the lead role and it still does crazy business. In fact, had Dunst NOT been cast as MJ, it would have done even better.
          completely agree...and i almost choked on my drink when i read an article where she said if she, toby and the director weren't in the next film it would flop and nobody would want to see it.

          my niece and nephew who made my sister take them to see the movie two or three times, bought the dvd and all the toys that came out could care less who was directing or playing the roles.
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