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    Re: Finding Your Own "Avatar"

    Originally posted by The White Album View Post
    You make him sound soooo old.
    As Bill knows, it's not the years, baby. It's the mileage
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      Re: Oscar Nominations Announced

      /makes the inevitable "Bill's first movie" joke, complete with visual aid: http://icons-pe.wunderground.com/dat...landLife/4.jpg


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        Re: Oscar Nominations Announced

        Watching movies is very subjective. One person's masterpiece is another person's garbage. This hit home to me while watching Spiderman 2 with friends. The friends I was with quite enjoyed Spiderman 2. They thought it was a great film.

        Me, the screenwriter, I'm saying it was bad. On the nose dialogue, moments that made no sense. To me it was a seriously flawed movie, my friends though were thoroughly entertained.

        There are movies I just don't get, even though other people think they are great. Lost in Translation I found boring along with Driving Miss Daisy. I think The Hurt Locker is a good film, but felt very episodic for me (although the ending helps to make this a better film).

        Sometimes I think that becoming a screenwriter has lessened the magic of watching movies. I know what is supposed to make a good story, characters arcs, dialogue with subtext, and so on.

        A regular person going to the movies are looking to be entertained, if that happens they are happy, they don't necessarily know or care about a "good" story.

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          Re: Oscar Nominations Announced

          Originally posted by kintnerboy View Post
          This might actually wind up being very ironic.

          The Academy expanded the number of Best Pic noms in hopes of upping the tv ratings by encouraging casual film fans' hopes that middling populist films like District 9 might win. But, they did it in a year where the most popular film might have legitimately won it all, except that with 9 other choices, the votes might be too split among smaller films to make that happen.

          Having said that, the 10 noms really highlight how lacking this year was. I enjoyed Hurt Locker and Up In The Air, but not enough that I think they'll matter in 10 years. I have not, and will not, see Avatar. I will probably fall asleep after watching Jeff Bridges get his award and not feel like I missed anything.

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