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  • Rawest PG-13 Films

    What are the rawest PG-13 films you've seen?

    I'm a pretty R-rated dude. I talk R-rated, live R-rated, write R-rated... but as we all know, PG-13 is the golden demographic.

    I need to watch more films under this rating to better exploit the system and I'm working on it, but my digging reveals **** that at least some very provocative themes can be covered, despite how "soft" the execution.

    THE LOVELY BONES - child rape/murder
    THE BOX - Heavy moral dilemma, "would you kill a stranger for cash?"
    DRAG ME TO HELL - Terror, disturbing images.
    DOUBT - Child molestation
    WALK THE LINE - Serious drug abuse, adultery, language
    THE DARK KNIGHT - terrorism, violence, anarchy

    So, themes apparently can be pretty heavy.

    Anyone got any suggestions of good, dark, raw PG-13 ****?

    And also, I wouldn't mind a discussion on what type of content is a "no-go" for this rating, regardless of how diffused the presentation.

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    Re: Rawest PG-13 Films

    TDK is perhaps the rawest one I've seen.
    "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."
    -Maya Angelou


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      Re: Rawest PG-13 Films

      The main thing the MPAA goes heavy on in a PG-13 film is... Language.

      A film can be bloody and violent... But if there is more than one f-bomb... It could potentially get a R rating.

      TAKEN is a prime example. There are shootings, stabbings, and even a torture scene. But it has less than two f-bombs and other lite profanity so, it's PG-13. It is also not graphic violence, either. People get shot, but they just fall down. There isn't blood spattering all over the place and no real exit wounds are shown.

      Adult Themes and Adult Content is the other big thing the MPAA doesn't like. Adult themes might include incest, child molestation, etc. Even if you don't show any of this, it's the mere idea these subjects are inappropriate for "children". I put children in quotes because these ratings are meant for younger audiences, yet the MPAA projects them to include audiences of all ages.

      Sex and nudity is pretty flexible these days. You aren't going to see full-frontal nudity in a PG-13, but if it is shot in ways that distorts the image (like through an out of focus soda bottle), film makers can get away with it more than they used to.

      Sometimes simple trims and frame counts on images can determine PG-13 vs. R status. Like a scene where two characters make love. One might be R because they show a two seconds longer shot of some dudes butt thrusting whereas the PG-13 version will take out one of the thrusts (making the scene two seconds shorter). The MPAA is really weird when it comes to this stuff at this level, but this is how they really do it when rating movies.
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        Re: Rawest PG-13 Films

        Dodge Ball!!!!
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          Re: Rawest PG-13 Films

          Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
          Red Dawn
          Max Payne
          Forrest Gump


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            Re: Rawest PG-13 Films

            HOTEL RWANDA is probably the most harrowing PG-13 film I know.


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              Re: Rawest PG-13 Films

              Good call, Keen.

              That stretched PG-13 to the limits.

              On a lighter note, the "hard-on" scene in PG-13 ANCHORMAN took me by complete surprise.
              "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."
              -Maya Angelou