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  • there but by the grace of God...

    probably been done before... Okay stolen from another site but something to think about...

    Silence of the Lambs - (BIO) A coming of age feel good movie set on an Australian sheep station, staring Anthony Hopkins as a kindly sheep herder.

    The Lion in Winter - (ANIMATED)n A Disney film about a lion who escapes from a zoo in Fargo and spends the winter searching for his lost home.

    Star Wars - (COMEDY) A dark comedy about two Hollywood actors competing for the role of a lifetime.

    Million Dollar Baby - (DRAMA) And the infant son of a billionaire oil baron who is kidnapped for a million dollar ransom.

    Big Daddy: The biopic of Idi "Big Daddy" Amin, the President of Uganda.

    The Godfather - (COMEDY) a slapstick comedy of a man trying to make it to the baptism of his best friend's son on time and his many misadventures of the way.

    The Postman - (BIO): A feel good story about a mentaly handicapped man who overcomes all obstacles and becomes the mailman for his neighboorhood.

    Animal Farm - (COMEDY): A hilarious sequel to the critacaly acclaimed Animal House. In this movie, frat boys from the Delta Tau Chi Fraternity travel to a rural Nebraskan farm.

    Pearl Harbour - (DRAMA) the final days of the life of Lt. James Cook, RN.

    Sleepless in Seattle 1992 (Drama) Story of Seattle band Nirvana and thier unsucessful stuggle to make a name for themselves and thier music during the "Big Hair" Era

    Fahrenheit 9/11 - An epic retelling of the British expedition to reach the South Pole, freezing at the temperatures that made 9/11 Fahrenheit seem warm. Produced and directed by Mel Gibson.

    The Longest Yard - Gripping WWI drama centered around the battle of Paris, name derived from the declaration of French General Joseph Joffre: "Though we cannot stop the German hordes from attacking Paris, they shall find every meter they advance through the city's streets to be the longest meter they shall ever cross." As the film was made in the US, it was decided to convert the title due to US unfamiliarity with the metric system.

    Das Boot:A documentary on the West German yacht Kiel's remarkable upset victory in the 1980 America's Cup.German with English subtitles.

    American Psycho - Controversial documentary on the US mental health establishment produced by Tom Cruise.

    From Russia, with Love Unusual and thought provoking combination of reality, biography and documentary. A story of old Europe, and the newest Internet business, told within the context of producer-directors Michael Moore's tumultuous marriage to beautiful mail order Russian bride Natalia Varikova

    The Dark Crystal A DEA-funded documentary about the dangers of methamphetimine abuse, with graphic detail about how the drug can wreck lives.

    The Big Lebowski (1990): Polish movie about the famous freedom fighter who defeated Prussians and Russians in 1794. Despite Polish protests against a foreigner playing their national hero, Gerard Depardieu does a good job as the jolly, stocky soldier who likes a drink at some time, too.

    Dark Water--a sci-fi drama about the harrowing global consequences of water pollution

    E.T :Life of Etienne Telemac first french president after the fall of Napeoleon IV

    Return of the King--The story of Elvis Presley's 1981 comeback after nearly two decades in seclusion.

    Blade Runner - The story of a down on his luck ice skating coach and his attempt to make a come back to Olympic glory.

    An Inconvenient Truth-The story of how the Global Warming scare of the early 21st century was caused by the sun's cycle and after the yr 2010 it went back to the cooling trend of what was called the Little Ice Age prior to then.

    Signs (1934)
    French movie about Champollion, the man who deciphered the Egyptian hieroglyphs.

    Saturday Night Fever (2003) [R]: A historical drama about the devastating outbreak of influenza in London, on a cold Saturday in 1866.

    United 93: A disappointing horror flick with a totally unrealistic premise: terrorists who commit violence in the name of Islam. Critics think it would have done better under its original title, Sheiks on a Plane.
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    Re: there but by the grace of God...

    A Clockwork Orange - A gentle family comedy about an eccentric Victorian inventor and his little robot companion.