The Long Goodbye: Altman takes on Phillip Marlowe



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  • The Long Goodbye: Altman takes on Phillip Marlowe

    One of my favorite actors from the 1970s, Elliot Gould (MASH, Busting) is breezy as private eye Marlowe in Robert Altman's quirky adaptation of "The Long Goodbye", where a friend's wife's dead, the said friend kills himself, a missing lush writer and a rip-off Jewish mobster are all connected and our gumshoe has to figure it out while dealing with a hungry cat. How cool...

    Sterling Hayden (oddly parallel) is the lush here. Henry Gibson (The Blues Brothers) is the head of a rehab clinic. Dave Arkin (Vollmer from MASH) is a dopey goon. Look out for a mustachioed Arnold Schwarzenegger as a tough goon here.
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    Re: The Long Goodbye: Altman takes on Phillip Marlowe

    I have a love / hate relationship with this film. I'm a big Chandler fan, and the film does everything to subvert the novel... but I still like the film. The scene where Mark Rydell breaks a coke bottle over his hot gf's face and slices it to ribbons is chilling. "I love her, I don't even like you."

    Hayden is great as Hemingway (kinda), and Jim Bouton did well considering he's just a baseball player who wrote a tell-all that got him banned from even watching games in some cities. Van Pallandt was a model who was long in the tooth and did some acting - also good in AMERICAN GIGOLO and CUTTER'S WAY.

    It's one of those movies where you have to forget there was ever a book and see it as it's own thing.

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