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    Sometimes when I seek inspiration I get online and look up old horror movies that I haven't seen. Last week I came across Cherry Falls. I had read part of the script a while back and thought I might as well watch the film.

    I was expecting something along the lines of Scream but more corny. Since I had remembered the film being compared to Scream back in the day. When I watched it I was surprised. The film is really good in my opinion. I pretty much figured out what was going on mid-way through and Brittany Murphy kinda irritated me with her "if you push me I'll cry" facial expressions. But I loved the killer in the film.

    I loved when the killer charged after Murphy in the hallway. That was great. I think more horror movies should make shots like that. Where the killer is inches away and moving at full speed. You don't see that too often.

    Does anyone know of any other slasher films similar to Cherry Falls? I've been looking around and haven't come across anything.