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  • Promised Land Trailer

    Surprised not to see Robert Redford involved in this. But I think as younger generations are coming of age we will see more and more films like this. I hope so anyway. The rights to Silent Spring just sold this month as Done Deal reported and why not.. if you recall...

    Erin Brockovich
    Production Budget: $52 Million
    Worldwide Gross: $250+ Million

    Hope promised land gets some nods so others will see you can have a film with a message without having to force-feed the audience. Damon has always seemed very conscious of his film decisions and even if you don't agree with his choices you have to admire somebody who respects the craft that much to care about it.
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    Re: Promised Land Trailer

    Super excited for this one. Can't beat a good tort movie!


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      Re: Promised Land Trailer

      Saw the trailer tonight, looks good.
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