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  • Hot Tub Time Machine SEQUEL

    This is great news. Hope Cusack comes back.

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    Re: Hot Tub Time Machine SEQUEL

    'Tis excellent news most excellente!


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      Re: Hot Tub Time Machine SEQUEL

      Well, as much as I enjoyed the first one, would I really want to see a sequel?


      Anyone remember Marty McFly in the Wild West?
      I saw that ad' and to this day haven't seen the film.

      Seriously, what can this sequel contain that would make it as good as the first flick yet stay true to it?

      At the end of the day, one beer-soaked time-travelling jacuzzi is novel; twice, and it just loses its appeal.

      EDITED TO ADD: WTF? The original had a $36m budget?! Over-paid stars slightly?
      Cufk, Tish, Sips.


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        Re: Hot Tub Time Machine SEQUEL

        I got a kick out of the original but it's hard to catch lightning in a bottle twice.

        I'll hold out hope
        "Tact's just 'not saying true stuff.' " - Cordelia Chase


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          Re: Hot Tub Time Machine SEQUEL

          Just watched the first one today. It was really good, except I felt the ending was overdone and not particularly satisfying.

          It has turned into a big cult hit over the last two years, so a sequel makes sense money-wise. But Cusack is not currently on board, and the premise leads much better to a one-off than a franchise.


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            Re: Hot Tub Time Machine SEQUEL

            Loved the first one and I'd love to see a sequel but...

            Cusack has to be along for the ride.

            Still think and laugh about ONE CRAZY SUMMER and BETTER OFF DEAD.


            Jeff Shurtleff
            "Some men see things the way they are and say why? I see things that never were and say, why not?"