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  • Johnny Depp Playing Whitey Bulger

    This is going to be great. Donnie Brasco was classic. Depp killed it in that movie. I think people forget how talented Depp is. He was great in Blow also. This will remind everyone he can play characters without face paint.

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    Re: Johnny Depp Playing Whitey Bulger

    I'd have to see it to believe it. Granted, Depp is a great actor, better than Pitt, approaching the level of a Daniel Day-Lewis, and he was totally convincing in DONNIE BRASCO. But I was underwhelmed by his version of Dillinger in PUBLIC ENEMIES and his DARK SHADOWS performance wasn't even a pale comic facsimile of Jonathan Frid's soap opera perfect vampire.

    There's just too much DNA for Depp to leap across for him to be a convincing Whitey Bulger. Bulger was the ultimate shanty Irish street shark psychopath, a blue-eyed inhuman killer totally lacking the exuberance and familial warmth of, say, the Italian Mafiosi. Ryan Gosling would have been a better choice (see him in THE BELIEVER, if you don't believe me). Or even Brad Pitt, perhaps coked up on a hangover.

    But, being familiar with the South Boston territory and the era in question, I'm still looking forward to seeing BLACK MASS. And if Depp aces the role, I'll eat my portion of crow....

    p.s. Just read there's going to be another White Bulger movie with Affleck/Damon attached. Matt Damon will portray the aforementioned Whitey. Another miscast, IMO.
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      Re: Johnny Depp Playing Whitey Bulger

      Originally posted by Deion22 View Post
      I think people forget how talented Depp is.
      That's because maybe 10% of his roles are actual human beings. The other 90% are whacked-out goofballs, which is more amusing than impressive.