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  • Comedy is Tough All Over, Folks

    Wanted to see IDENTITY THIEF until I heard by all that it was atrocious. Didn't like 21 JUMP STREET even though many said it was hilarious. Haven't seen a comedy that made me laugh from beginning to end in years. Can't win.
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    Re: Comedy is Tough All Over, Folks

    It's okay to feel this way. Comedy might not be your thing. You could try horror or sci-fi, or a good thriller.

    A lot of people think that because they were born with the ability to laugh (which in and of itself is just the body's involuntary reaction to surprise) that that means they have a sense of humor. I've found that's not always the case (quite the opposite, in fact. I can't get into the specifics of it, it's a pretty complicated science).

    It's absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about (don't let anyone tell you it is!). Just go try and enjoy something else. There's plenty of movies!


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      Re: Comedy is Tough All Over, Folks

      Black Dynamite? OSS 177: Cairo, Nest of Spies?


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        Re: Comedy is Tough All Over, Folks

        Originally posted by Staircaseghost View Post
        Black Dynamite

        Funniest film I saw last year, although the two girls I watched it with thought it was awful - I don't think they realised it was a parody.
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