Favorite Paul Mazursky Film? RIP



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  • Favorite Paul Mazursky Film? RIP

    One of my favorite directors passed on. What is your favorite PM film?
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    Re: Favorite Paul Mazursky Film? RIP

    Moscow on the Hudson for one. I enjoyed a lot of them.


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      Re: Favorite Paul Mazursky Film? RIP

      Harry & Tonto is probably my favorite. Lots of laughs and Larry Hagman as you've never seen him before. But I also thoroughly enjoyed Moscow and BCT&A.

      My folks and I were supposed to see Grease in the Summer of '78, but it was (understandably) sold out. We ended up catching Unmarried Woman. Didn't quite understand it then (I was six), but what a well written, well acted story understanding it now.
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