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  • This jog anybody's memory?

    There's a shot I remember from a film, probably about a decade old, maybe french.

    It's a shot of a band. And it starts where the singer is the only person in frame. And gradually the camera moves, and it picks up an accompanist ... and he starts to play. And then it swings the other way, picks up another musician, and they come in ... and so on and so on until the full band (I think it was playing a classic torch song or something along those lines) is in the shot and playing all together and it was just freakin' MAGIC!

    I want to show this to a director I'm working with, but for the life of me I can't remember anything about it except the idea of this shot. For some reason I remember who saw it with, but nothing else ... ug!

    Please help!

    Anyone? Anyone?

    edit: Might be "the beat that my heart skipped" - anybody have access to that film handy and can check for me?
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    Re: This jog anybody's memory?

    I don't have the answer. But in case you can't ever find that film, I do think your description works really well.


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      Re: This jog anybody's memory?

      What era?


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        Re: This jog anybody's memory?

        i haven't seen the film but is this what you're looking for? the title fits anyway. quick ytube search
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