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  • Your favorite Anime

    Hello Guys,
    In order to fill my library of anime -and yours too-, I was wondering : what are your favorite animes? Why?

    To be clear, Anime ( アニメ) are Japanese animated productions featuring hand-drawn or computer animation. Here, we're talking about feature/OAV.

    Mine are:

    Mononoke No Hime (Ghibli, Miyazaki)
    Grave of the fireflies (Ghibli, Takahata)
    Porco Rosso (Ghibli, Miyazaki)
    Patlabor (Mamoru)
    Macross: do you remember love(Ishiguro, Kawamori)

    (I'll explain why I love them later, will edit this message)

    So what are yours guys?
    The question is : Do you work in the business?

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    Re: Your favorite Anime

    Porco Rosso has always been one of my all time favorites. Such a beautiful and emotional movie.

    In addition to the ones you mentioned, Ghost In The Shell and Akira are also high up on my list. Cyberpunk for the win.

    Ninja Scroll and Vampire Hunter D merit a mention as well.


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      Re: Your favorite Anime

      Death Note
      Howl's Moving Castle
      Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz

      If you're interested there's an amazing video on the brilliant work of Satoshi Kon. Check it out:
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        Re: Your favorite Anime

        My Neighbor Totoro has the best craft of any film I've seen. It doesn't have the radical Brilliance of Citizen Kane, 2001, or Pulp Fiction (though a magical realistic period slice of life story told from the point of view of children is a pretty inspired concept) but it beats all of them on pure craft, IMO.

        Paprika is wonderful.

        I second that video recommendation.


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          Re: Your favorite Anime

          Miyazaki is brilliant of course.

          One anime that's stood out in my mind over the years is one called

          Voices of a Distant Star - don't know the japanese name.

          It's a short based on two people communicating by text across greater and greater distances as one travels across the solar system to take part in a fight against alien invaders.