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  • T2: Trainspotting

    the original Trainspotting blasted out of Thatcher's wreckage in 1996, a year before Tony Blair's "New Labour" took control of the UK for a decade. now, a decade beyond even that, T2 feels like an appropriate sequel for the post-Obama, post-Brexit era. for the working class inhabitants of this world, life has been Thatcherist-Reaganist austerity the whole time.

    but where the first film made its mark with a statement on the logical conclusion to choose narcotization over "life" in the face of capitalism's waste laying, T2 never seems to have quite as much to say on what's happened (or not happened) in the intervening decades. especially as a sequel that relies to some degree on nostalgia as its reason for existence, the film should have a greater sense of whether or not this is a good thing.

    which isn't to say it doesn't have its moments. it does, and several. just not enough to make the same kind of statement on growing older and going home again as the original did on youth and the (then) coming future.