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    Hi everyone.

    I wanted to start a thread on The Discovery, a Robert Redford straight to Netflix film. Has anyone else seen this yet?

    It is one of those heady films that starts out slow and kinda weird (like The Lobster) but gets better as you get into it.

    I won't go into too many details here but I hope that many will watch it as I would love to talk over what the folks here thought about everything in it, including philosophies and theories on what you think it means.

    Basically the gist of this film is a man (Redford) discovers a physical way to prove that our "soul", "energy", "lifeforce", etc. goes somewhere after we die, even though he is not sure where it goes. Then a slew of suicides of people trying to get there causes him to hermitize himself to try and find the actual "where" they go after death.

    I enjoyed the way that everything is not spelled out and gives the viewer a chance to come up with their own thoughts on certain aspects. But it does give an "answer" too.

    It did leave me with a bunch of questions though about things that were not addressed in the film.

    If anyone else has seen it I would like to know your thoughts.