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    After i watch a movie like FIELD OF DREAMS (spoilers below), i wonder how such a story could possibly be believable to an audience. a creepy voice from a cornfield tells an uneasy new farmer to build a baseball field in his cornfield. build it and he will come. he wonders if he is going nuts. wonders if others hear voices in cornfields. he begins telling his close ones about it. they also think he is going nuts. he listens to the voice, mows the corn, builds a ballfield. and old dead baseball players begin to show up and start playing games. they won't let ty cobb come because he is an assshole.

    but only the farmer and select others can see them. drama builds over money, having to sell the farm, etc. etc. etc. his dad (been dead a long time) shows up one evening to play catch at the end. what the whole movie was about. baseball, and that field, reconnected him with his dad who had passed away. they had some making up to do.

    watching it, the unbelievable slowly starts to become real, like it did with the guy who first began to build a baseball field in a cornfield out in the middle of nowhere because he thought he hears a voice telling him to. he does not know why in the beginning. at the end he does. it is magic.
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    Re: Amazing stories

    What got me the first 9 or 10 times I saw it over the years was the ending... Gave me a lump in my throat.


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      Re: Amazing stories

      it is powerful, and they made the whole...old dead famous baseball players walk out of a tall cornfield in iowa in the afternoons to play believable, which is the unbelievable thing to me. also neat how shoeless joe gets a second chance, like ray and his dad end up getting in the end.

      and i believe they did it by the audience/reader keying on the the main character. his change. but it was a lot more than that, too. i do not know how they got so much magic in there.

      even dorothy's journey to oz (to get back home), ended up being a dream.

      this story ended being 'real'...people in cars driving to a cornfield in iowa for reasons they are not even sure of, but if lucky, they may get to watch dead baseball players having a game and cutting up, but not everyone can see them.

      they did nail it with his dad showing up for catch.

      if i ever could write something like that, i'd just give all my writing crap away and say, 'i finally did it, and now i'm done, because there is no way in one lifetime i could pull off a story like that again.' of course i'd reconsider the next morning, would try to buy back my old crap or buy new writing tackle and start fishing for and pecking on my next story...but in the back of my head would be, 'how in the hell did i write that...well, anyway, thank you.'
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