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    Re: Dunkirk

    It will be a shame watching this down the line on the small screen because it really is catered to the cinema experience in the best possible way. It's a thrilling film that doesn't let up. Nolan made a few brave choices that paid off for me personally. He wrote this one alone and after seeing the film you know it must have meant a lot to him.

    If you need a backstory to these guys to be able to emotionally invest I have to question your humanity. In 99% of films that backstory might be vital but in war that changes, and in particular the second world war. They're trapped on a beach while they're surrounded by Nazis with little hope of survival. Their stories are the same as most of the men who fought in the war in that they were just nameless young men fighting for their lives to keep their families safe and often dying for that. You shouldn't need a story to empathise with that and want them to survive.

    For me it was nice to see a time where British patriotism was something to be proud of. It feels like the world has forgotten what we fought for sometimes. Dunkirk was a welcome reminder.


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      Re: Dunkirk

      Superb film. I loved the understatement and quiet heroism. Just a bunch of men trying to survive the best they could in the most harrowing of circumstances. Certainly one of the best war movies I've ever seen.

      I also have a personal interest, as my grandad was one of those soldiers on the beach and he took a bullet in the back as he waded out to a boat. He survived, but never talked about his experience.
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        Re: Dunkirk

        I liked it, didn't love it, though I admire a lot about the film and what Nolan was trying to accomplish.

        This was a fantastic analysis whether or not you enjoyed the film.



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          Re: Dunkirk

          Here is a pretty interesting video on the music in Dunkirk using a sound illusion called the shepard tone. It's a short video, only about 3 mins long, but very informative.

          (I love Hans Zimmer's music in almost every film he has scored.)



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            Re: Dunkirk

            I liked parts of it, sure didn't love it.

            i think it was needlessly tangled with the different threads. The characters were the ultimate cardboard cut outs, surely in a (minor) epic battle with terrible lows and soaring highs we deserved character's we could empathise with?

            and worst of all Tom Hardy flew the most glidingest Spitfire ever, even shooting down a Stuka on his sixth or seventh unpowered swoop past!!!

            EDIT: I took my 11 year old step son to see it, his comment at the end was they should make a Dunkirk 2... with Japanese and samurai swords somehow that summed it up for me
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