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  • Colossal

    Wanting to see if anyone else here has seen this film.

    I am not sure what I was expecting, but I wasn't expecting that.

    I guess I was expecting a quirky comedy, and it sort of started that way, but then it got real serious about 2/3 into it. And I'm not talking just drama serious, I mean super serious.

    I do recommend seeing it as it was refreshing to see a truly different movie that is unlike anything out there. No, it's not an oscar winning film. Or even the best one out right now. But if you want something different and a little weird, then totally check it out. I found it at redbox.

    The story was pretty good. The dialog...a little odd. I kept thinking to myself, "nobody really acts this way". But gotta say the turn it took was out of left field and was a nice surprise.

    Anne Hathaway did a good job, but I have seen her do this type of character before.

    Jason Sudeikis was a real change of pace from his normal comedic self, and I thought he did well.

    Anyone else seen it? Thoughts?

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