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  • Atomic Blonde

    Quite enjoyed this despite it really only having two things going for it:

    1) Charlize Theron is great (here and in general)
    2) Top drawer fight scenes, so many wince inducing hits

    One of the most enjoyable films I've seen recently.

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    Re: Atomic Blonde

    There were plenty of things I enjoyed about it but I've seen a lot better this year. I'm not sure whether it was because I went to a late viewing but it felt a lot longer than it was.


    So many god damn spy double crosses that it became a farce.


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      Re: Atomic Blonde

      I thought the movie was good, not great. I also found it enjoyable, if a bit predictable at times. The music was the best part of the movie for me. Will still probably pick it up on BD at some point. Also glad to see LGBT characters featured prominently. I really would like to see more such characters starring in big genre films, rather than being mostly limited to dramas or indie productions.


      I've read some discussion/moaning online about how the movie trots out the "Bury Your Gays" trope, but personally I thought it was more the Hero's-Lover-Gets-Killed-As-Motivation-To-Seek-Revenge cliche. Like I said, somewhat predictable.


      And one final thing that never ceases to amuse me, is how lesbian innuendo/sex scenes are always featured for all they're worth in previews. Even Carol had its (brief and tastefully done) sex scene played up with all the panache of a 12-year-old boy in the infamous "banned" commercial. Meanwhile, I've seen trailers for Brokeback Mountain and Moonlight that are so obtuse I couldn't even tell what the movie was about, let alone that it was about gay men.


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        Re: Atomic Blonde

        I'm 30 years old and of at least average intelligence. If I go into a movie stone cold sober, give it my undivided attention, and come out confused: that's the movie's fault, not mine. And this movie was confusing. I went straight to the wikipedia after I got out, and that didn't even answer my basic questions.

        The cinematography was beautiful. But it binges on self-indulgent shots of characters smoking, drinking, getting dressed. There's only so much of this you need in one movie.

        The plot was slow moving and emotionless (and, again, confusing - not in the intriguing or mysterious way).

        The two action scenes were top-notch, but the trailer sold the movie as full of these moments, when the opposite was true.

        Lots to like, and far from a disaster, but not recommended.
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          Re: Atomic Blonde

          I was surprised by the lack of action. The film definitely could have used some scissors being taken to it.


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            Re: Atomic Blonde

            It was confusing at the end. I didn't know who was Satchel. The fight scenes were awesome. I liked how they fought till they were exhausted. Charlize Theron trained intensely and impressed the director who was one of the directors of John Wick. Theron wants to do a sequel. Even if she doesn't do Atomic Blonde 2 she proved she can do John Wick level fight action. The music was incredible. She way out widowed black widow.
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