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  • Wonder

    a "kids movie" that is as far away from the kids of The Florida Project as is humanly possible, Steven Chbosky (Perks of Being a Wallflower) scripts and directs a very nice message movie: don't be a bully, don't judge a book by its cover, yay family. but even if the ending is a little heavy on the kind of schmaltz that's normally expected from this type of feel-good film, the rest of the story is told in turns both unexpected, smarter, and richer than usual. it's not just about one boy's struggle to fit in at a new school, but also the struggle of everyone else in his orbit to find their own place outside of his large shadow.

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    Re: Wonder

    Saw it, too, and really enjoyed it. Agreed the ending was "heavy-handed", but hey, it's a movie so I give that a pass. Will definitely get this on DVD for the rest of the family to watch. (With 10 kids still at home, it's EXPENSIVE for us to go to the movies. We just did it with the latest THOR, so now gotta build up the piggy bank again. So, it was just my wife and I for WONDER.)