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    this tick-tock historical drama tracks the first month of Winston Churchill's term as Prime Minister of the UK, at the height of Hitler's blitz across western Europe. with the entire British army driven to the edge of the North Sea at Dunkirk, it's a sort of companion piece to Nolan's own "Dunkirk" earlier this year. but really, it's more like a sequel to "The King's Speech," with the drama playing out in war rooms, the Houses of Parliament, 10 Downing Street, and Buckingham Palace.

    Churchill's full range of both public oratory and private persuasion are shown masterfully by Gary Oldman's (unrecognizable) performance. he disappears underneath the seamless makeup and becomes Churchill. he's probably had more challenging dramatic roles in his career that should have merited him an Oscar, but this is the one he's expected to be a lock to win for.

    the only thing i left the theater wanting more of were the scenes between him and Kristin Scott Thomas as Winston's wife, Clementine. frankly, i could watch a whole other movie just starring them.

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    Re: Darkest Hour

    I can't wait to see this movie, if it would just get to my damn city!!