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  • Coco

    after a string of mediocre sequels and maybe the only truly bad Pixar movie ever, The Good Dinosaur, the company's decision in 2006 to be acquired by Disney was looking less and less like a smart move. but "Coco" is the first Pixar original developed post-Disney that feels like it lives up to the brand. even better, it's the first Pixar or Disney anything (save perhaps Mulan) that strives to tell a non-whitewashed story from a non-American culture -- here, Mexico.

    the plot itself follows the usual Pixar template: young Miguel is descended from a great musician and film star who abandoned his wife and child to achieve his dream of fame. the wife he left behind then forbid anyone in the family to play or even listen to music. three generations later, Miguel wants desperately to play guitar and, on Dio De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), he gets the chance to make that wish come true with the help of his skeletal family members who crossed over into the land of the dead over the years. doesn't try to reinvent the wheel but does bring more songs into the film than any Pixar to date.

    even if it isn't the most authentically Mexican version of the story that Pixar/Disney might have reached to tell, it's a strong return to form. less cash grab sequels and more like Coco, por favor