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  • Howards End

    Hi all.
    I am finally going to sit and watch Howards End (1992). Got a little free time this evening and wanted to see something I have heard of for years but never got around to watching. I usually always enjoy Anthony Hopkins.

    So I wanted to check in and see who else has seen it and what the thoughts are.

    I know this section is usually about newer more relevant films or really old classics, but I thought it would be nice to talk about a "little bit older" film that's not too old.

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    Re: Howards End

    just recently rewatched it on Netflix myself. holds up quite well, although for Merchant-Ivory Emma-Tony movies, "Remains of the Day" has the edge


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      Re: Howards End

      Excellent movie. Not as dark and powerful as Remains of the Day, but beautifully made. The standout performance for me was Samuel West (a very underrated actor) as Leonard Bast.

      A four part TV series of the novel was made last year, so I'm keen to see that, too.
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        Re: Howards End

        Originally posted by Darthclaw13 View Post
        So I wanted to check in and see who else has seen it and what the thoughts are.
        Read the novel in an English Literature class for a professor with excellent taste. Saw the movie when it was released and many times since.

        Echo the sentiments regarding the Leonard Bast storyline. Helena Bonham Carter as Helen Schlegel and Emma Thompson as Margaret Schlegel play their characters flawlessly, with Ms. Thompson taking the “Best Actress” Oscar.

        Incredible that you had yet to view it, yet you won’t regret it nor forget it once you’ve done so.
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          Re: Howards End

          Hi everyone,

          I watched it and did enjoy it. Not as much as Remains of the Day, but I did like it.
          I thought everyone did a great job in their respective roles. Additionally it was shot beautifully.
          The story was well done and everyone enunciated their lines. (if you have read any of my past postings you all know how I feel about actors that mumble their lines)

          The only issue I had with it was the editing. There were not many good transitions. Mostly hard jump cut edits with several that were very jarring. Example is going from a quiet intimate moment to abruptly cutting to a very noisy loud fanfare type music city scene of horse carriages and people. My husband does a good deal of editing and I enjoy watching the process (although I don't really have the patience for it myself) so I really pay attention to the editing in all the films I watch and this one for me was not edited to the best it could have been in my opinion.

          But overall I did enjoy the film. Definitely a thumbs up.