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  • Clint Hill
    Re: Ocean's 8 -- Here We Go Again.

    Originally posted by StoryWriter View Post
    So why all the whining and bitching?
    It's just what those effing Earthlings always do, man.

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  • StoryWriter
    started a topic Ocean's 8 -- Here We Go Again

    Ocean's 8 -- Here We Go Again

    Ocean's 8 stars blame dominance of male critics for film's mixed reviews

    "Mindy Kaling and Cate Blanchett echo Brie Larson in calling for greater diversity among reviewers"

    "Stars of Ocean’s 8, the heist movie featuring all-female leads, have accused male critics of failing to appreciate their film.

    Speaking to Yahoo Movies, Mindy Kaling called the dominance of white male reviewers “unfair”. “If I had to base my career on what white men wanted I would be very unsuccessful, so there is obviously an audience out there who want to watch things like [Ocean’s 8], what I work on, what Sarah [Paulson] works on.”

    Co-star Cate Blanchett concurred, saying the media had failed to make the mindshift the movie industry had when it came to gender equality. “The conversation has to change,” she said, “and the media has a huge responsibility.”

    "Kaling referred to Meryl Streep’s attack on reviews aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes, which she felt prioritised the views of men. Promoting the film Suffragette in 2015, Streep said she felt the ratio adversely affected ticket sales for female-skewed films."
    A little reality:

    First off -- the film is not a failure. It opened around $5 to $10 Million more than predicted by it's studio.

    Second. "Rotten Tomatoes" critics rate this film as "Fresh" "68%"

    Third. While it's true more men than women critics, for this film, are listed on Rotten Tomatoes (66% men, 34% women), 36% of the women critics give it a thumbs down, while 35% of the men critics give it a thumbs down. Pretty close to equal, but the women critics liked it less.

    What is the criticism? It boils down to there wasn't enough at stake. Things came too easy and there was not enough conflict. (Also the idea was tired, and they were looking for a twist to make it more unique.) Many critics (men and women) were not happy that so many talented actresses were given so little to work with. In other words, story flaws.

    Several said they needed a kick-ass bad guy to go against. One person said they essentially had to "outsmart" security guards.

    But with all that -- the movie is still doing good at the box office.

    So why all the whining and bitching?
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