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  • jimjimgrande
    Re: Eighth Grade

    I really loved this movie. It was great on so many levels, not least was being able to make big deals out of what are often small moments, but in the lives of teenagers, feel like they are the most important things in the world.

    I got to see a Q&A afterward with Bo Burnham and Elkie Sommers. Both were impressive and Bo's knowledge of the craft and ability to execute the ideas he spoke of left me feeling like this is someone whose movies we'll be seeing for a long time.

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  • JoeBanks
    started a topic Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade

    where last year's "Lady Bird" followed a brash and combative high school senior through her final year at home, Bo Burnham's lower key "Eighth Grade" shows us a young girl on the eve of moving up to high school and with a personality 180 degrees away. Kayla is shy and awkward to the point of being painful to watch (except when she is recording her upbeat youtube video diaries, which smartly track and comment upon various moments in her offscreen life during the final week of middle school).

    Burnham strongly captures the feeling of otherness and insecurity of that age, especially from the POV of a young girl who isn't the most popular or fashionable in the class. even more so in the age of social media and the implications that apps like Snapchat or Instagram impose on their body image and self esteem. but also finding the humor in these various situations, which are often laugh out loud funny.