Went to see Alpha tonight with hubby.

What an absolutely beautiful film!

The compositions were breathtaking. (there were some very 300-ish type of shots in there. For those who have seen 300 you will know what I mean when you see Alpha).

Very little dialog which to me is refreshing. It allows the visual to play more of a role.

Yes, there is some bad cgi (however I have seen much worse out there) but that is to be expected given the story. It is a prehistoric tale after all so you can't really put real mastodons in there.

I think Albert Hughes did an amazing job on this one.

I urge everyone to go see this one in the theatre if you get the chance. We should all support new films like this. In this day and age of so many remakes, reimaginings, and prequel/sequels, it is a nice feeling to watch something different done well.