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    holy crap this movie is funny. can't remember the last movie that i laughed out loud at consistently pretty much from start to finish (maybe Ant Man & The Wasp this summer. that's about the level of jokes per page in ASF). without giving away any of the thriller-y plot twists, just think "Gone Girl" meets "Heathers" if the Heathers were now thirtysomething Connecticut housewives who drink martinis after school. and much smarter than "Gone Girl"s reactionary gender politics. no digging up the old "Fatal Attraction" "psycho bitch" stereotype in this one. more like burying it and salting the earth for good measure. but fun! so so fun. Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively complement each other perfectly.

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    Re: A Simple Favor

    I really liked it too. It made a lot of unexpected choices. Blake Lively was delightful.