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  • Widows

    Going to see this one tonight. Wanted to see if anyone else has seen it yet and thoughts.

    I enjoy watching both Viola Davis and Liam Neeson in pretty much any film/show they do, so I hope this is a good one.

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    Re: Widows

    Saw it last night. Wanted to like it more than I did. I'd say 3 out of 5 stars.

    Widows tried to do way too much imo politics, flashbacks. By doing that it shortchanged elements of the heist and some storylines felt very unfinished.

    The widow characters went from 'baby,don't involve me with your criminal activities' to full on embracing the criminal mindset. A fairly big arc. It's handled but with too much brevity for my taste.

    Viola Davis great, and Elizabeth Debricki good basically carry the movie with Michelle Rodriguez who is better than her role which was very much on the supporting side. Her character was the flattest of the Widows.

    Daniel Kaluuya will make you forget his heroic turn in Get Out. Colin Ferrel was decent. Robert Duvall was Robert Duvall.

    Some top notch filmmaking marred by too much story and not enough time.

    Oh and Liam. well I won't say much. You'll see.
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      Re: Widows

      I had some of the reservations Ire had. There were some unnecessary and contrived scenes that left me and the rest of the audience hanging. That time could have been better served on the ultimate mission and Daniel's character. But it's a solid, well directed drama that I enjoyed for the most part. Viola brings it.
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        Re: Widows

        I agree with the other posters on this film. It was....good, but not great.

        I personally felt they "revealed" the twist waaaay too early and unnecessarily. It would have been better to do the big reveal for the audience when they did it for the character, not before.

        I also think the very end little bit was not necessary, it felt "tacked" on and awkward.

        Viola and Liam were great to watch as always.

        There were a few interesting shots, but nothing ground breaking visually.

        All in all I felt there was something definitely missing from the story. It lagged too many times throughout as if they removed a lot and just dragged out certain scenes to compensate.

        I would recommend this as a rental on a lazy weekend instead of the big screen.