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    Ok, I just got done watching this...film, and I use the term loosely. I had heard about this one a while back. That it was really good, unconventional, and other accolades such as these.

    Well, someone lied or wanted to sound trendy because I did not see anything good, unconventional, or anything else really positive about this movie.

    It basically is a slice of life film about 3 women who supposedly intersect each others lives. A lawyer (Laura Dern) who is sleeping with another woman's (Michelle Williams) husband, and a ranch hand (played by an actress I have never seen before and right now can't remember her name, sorry) who has a crush on Kristin Stewart who also happens to be a lawyer.

    The only intersecting going on between the 3 main women is one sleeps with another's husband (and these 2 women are never even in the same place together ever) and the ranch hand girl happens to go into laura dern's building looking for kristin stewart (who doesn't even work there), that's it. So how can they say these 3 women intersect each other's lives?

    The pace is snail slow, no I take that back, a snail would smoke this film in a race. Lots of unnecessary long takes of nothingness. Even when the ranch hand girl is brushing out one of the horses there is a close up on the horse whose face seems to be saying, "can you believe this crap?"

    Nothing happens in this film except to show 3 unhappy people with extremely boring lives and no hope of any happiness.

    The best part of the film was watching the little corgi dog chase the four wheeler on it's cute little stubby legs. awww factor.

    But seriously, how did this film win awards? How did all the good actors in this film (laura dern, rene auberjunois, etc.) put in such slow bad performances? They all acted like they were on drugs or something.

    I could even see this being called unconventional if there were some interesting shots, but every shot was so boring and unoriginal it seemed like a student film.

    All I can say is, if this is what people are praising heaven help us......

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    Re: Certain Women

    for me, i think it spoke to Kelly Reichardt's skill as writer-director completely on her own terms that my interest was maintained in these characters to stay with the film to the end. they're not stories that i might choose to tell myself but for the most part i did want to know what happened next. normally i have less than zero patience for slice-of-life indie stuff with minimal plotting. and even on the level of showing us female characters in situations that we almost never see in mainstream films, it's a valuable exercise.


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      Re: Certain Women

      Sent you guys a PM.