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    Robert Redford's last film, he says, and one in which he looks often directly into the camera, usually with an accompanying beat or three, as if to look at us, his audience, and, smiling, wordlessly say goodbye.

    In those precious beats, when he's looking into the camera, our eyes, one can't help but reflect on his many other great and unforgettable roles, many of which are on any cinephile’s list of classic films. Yet in each of those closeups, for however long they may last, it's as if Redford has become a shapeshifter when and where one has time to reflect on those many other great roles Redford has played, and still one may not be taken away from the story at hand, The Old Man & the Gun.

    On and off the screen, Robert Redford has contributed much to the art form of making films, and while his on-screen efforts will be missed, one hopes that his off-screen contributions to the confluence of art and business that is filmmaking will remain positive forces in the constant evolution of the art.

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