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    I have not read the James Baldwin novel that is adapted here by Barry Jenkins. The basic premise -- a young Harlem couple is separated when the boyfriend is jailed on a false accusation of rape just as his girlfriend discovers she is pregnant -- is compelling. And there are moments of great drama between both Alonzo and Tish and their families as his legal situation becomes more and more dire. But like Jenkins' "Moonlight" it left me more sympathetic than empathetic with the main characters' situation. Everything is masterfully shot and the acting is fine across the board.

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    Re: If Beale Street Could Talk

    Finally got to see this a little over a year late - I know, I know.

    I too though it was a very solid, compelling drama. It is slow moving, yes, but it's beautifully done. Wonderful direction, production design, cinematography, acting, score, editing, etc.

    A big reason to watch it on DVD is to listen to Barry Jenkins' commentary. It's a nice mix of him discussing pretty much ever aspect of the story and production of the film. He's a smart, articulate director who shares the experiences of putting the movie together in a particularly sensitive and intelligent way. Jenkin's commentary is as evenly paced as the film, but insightful.

    Whether you are a writer, director or writer/director, I believe you will find it illuminating and educational.
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