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  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Did anyone else find the mouthpiece distracting at the beginning? I found the first twenty minutes difficult to watch and was even laughing out loud at certain points because of it. I think they either replaced it or Malek got used to wearing it, because by the end, it wasn’t as distracting.

    I thought it was a fine movie and enjoyed the music. I know the critics hated it and that it made a ton of money.
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    Re: Bohemian Rhapsody

    I just watched it last night and liked it more than I expected to, given the reviews.

    Yes, the teeth were VERY distracting.

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      Re: Bohemian Rhapsody

      The movie was garbage. Darling oh darling. So many structure options and the writer makes up scenes and throws in a band break up, when their wasn't one.
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        Re: Bohemian Rhapsody

        I didn't find it distracting; Freddie had pretty big chompers in real life, lol.

        As for the overall movie, I thought it was weak -- would give it 2.5 out of 4 stars. My issues were:

        *There was so much of a focus on the band that it felt like you didn't really get to know Freddie as a person -- not surprising given the band had control over the story. The thing is, they're not half as interesting characters as he is, so the movie should've given him a deeper exploration
        *Going along with the last point, it was way too safe, given how wild Freddie's life was; he deserved better than the Disney version of his story
        *The band break-up felt forced -- it was never really explained why the bandmates started to dislike Freddie
        *It had a latent homophobic vibe. It gave the impression that Freddie only really loved a woman in his life (yeah, right) and that his embrace of his homosexuality was the beginning of his downfall.

        The main positives of the movie were the acting (Rami was brilliant) and the music performances, which effectively captured the live energy of the real thing. That said, I don't think it deserves half the critical acclaim it's gotten -- I think all the attention is more reflective of how much people love Queen (particularly Baby Boomers) than the movie's actual merit.

        Oh yeah -- given recent news involving the director, this is the last time I'll ever see any of his movies. Yuck and yuck.
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          Re: Bohemian Rhapsody

          Guys - I respectfully disagree with critics and posters on this board. For me, the movie worked on so many levels (spent $19.99 to own the extended version) -

          The protag (or anti-hero, whatever) - his conflicts, demons, journey, choices, loyalty (lack of character arc, but always thought arc were overrated).

          Story - very clever, while inaccurate in a few scenes (I think Freddie came out in 87 with AIDS, among other things).

          Editing - start with framing and tying it all together, beats, pacing. Fantastic sound design that complimented editing.

          And of course, Rami. Brilliant!

          Ben's journey, in Leaving Las Vegas, was fulfilling. After that, IMHO, it was Freddies'.

          Disclosure: While never a fan of Queen, I could relate to an artist's idiosyncrasies;-)


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            Re: Bohemian Rhapsody

            I loved it, too. Best music biopic I've seen in years.

            I always found the real Freddie's teeth extremely distracting, so Rami's choppers only added to the authenticity.
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              Re: Bohemian Rhapsody

              This may sound strange, but I thought Rami's performance was great, but didn't think the movie was great. The music was awesome; some of the bits about how they came up with the song; and Freddie Mercury's relationship with his girlfriend. It felt episodic and much of the payoff was unearned. The thing I found most fascinating about the real life Freddie Mercury was his relationship with his girlfriend. They were somehow very close. Rami's mannerisms did resemble Freddie Mercury. My opinion of the movie grew as I started to watch the other contenders like Green Book and the Favourite.


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                Re: Bohemian Rhapsody

                RE:It felt episodic and much of the payoff was unearned.
                Something I constantly grapple with... conventional wisdom. Character Arc. Payoff. Episodic. Can we not enjoy a good story w/o these? Can it not just be about protags (or anti-villians) journey? Scarface. Forrest Gump. Leaving Las Vegas. Classic examples that come to mind. No payoff. Episodic. No character arc.

                A story needs to have basic ingredients - character, purpose, conflicts, etc. But everything else....not so sure anymore.