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  • Apollo 11 (IMAX)

    a terrific companion piece to last year's "First Man," this IMAX documentary (it may also be playing in 35mm outside of the IMAX houses) is a revelation. zero narration, none of the usual "talking head" intercuts from contemporary docs, just straight footage and stills direct from NASA's vaults. god bless whoever decided in 1969 to capture so much footage on 65mm because it seems to be about 80% of the shots in the film and it looks pristine. especially immersive on the large-format screen, you feel like you have a front row seat with the thousands of spectators who crammed into shorelines and motel balconies and bandstands around Cape Canaveral to watch the launch. after the crew is on its way to the moon, the filmmakers masterfully cut between mission control in Houston and the capsule/lander to show clearly each stage of the landing and then the EVA and successful return. it's hard to overstate just how immediate and vital both Armstrong/Aldrin/Collins and their NASA counterparts are made to appear on screen. and also the pure sense of optimism and accomplishment that they brought to the rest of the world for those 9 days, fulfilling JFK's pledge to land and return a man on the moon before the end of the 1960s. super stuff on the 50th anniversary of the mission.

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    Re: Apollo 11 (IMAX)

    Yes to all this AND, the soundtrack, which was apparently recording using Moog synthesizers and other period correct methods, did a great job of creating suspense in a situation where you obviously know the outcome.

    It's fun, too. Our entire (crowded) theater laughed out loud multiple times - usually related to the heart rate readings of the astronauts.

    I was never particularly interested in space travel, NASA, etc and had only a basic knowledge of Apollo 11 and I found this absolutely fascinating.