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  • Booksmart

    growing up on a diet of John Hughes, Martha Coolidge, and Amy Heckerling teen comedies, I really wanted to love Booksmart. and it has it's moments, especially between the two overachieving BFFs, Molly and Amy, who resolve to finally cut loose on the night before graduation. but as Olivia Wilde's first directorial effort, it's kinda all over the map in terms of tone and characters. maybe it's unfair to compare it to more sharply-drawn recent films in the same vein -- Edge of Seventeen or Lady Bird, neither of which was going for the more raunch-com vibe of Booksmart -- but for me the emotional beats of Molly and Amy's friendship come too few and far between long stretches of over-the-top bits that didn't land (for me personally, the audience i was with laughed along at everything with applause at the end)