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    The Rutger Hauer thread of today, talking about sinking hearts, reminded me of how I felt a few hours earlier when I saw Hedison's notice show up on Wiki's 'Recent Deaths' section.

    Being of the Baby Boomer gen, I remember well David's appearance on the sci-fi show, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, what I've always considered a predecessor of Star Trek. Even more was his A-1 take in the original The Fly (1958). Jeff Goldblum's remake under Cronenberg was cool, but an entirely different view of the possible problem of teleportation. Whereas Jeff's was revolting and fascinating, David's Fly was horrifying and fascinating (and even sad).

    Dave and Rutger in one day.

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    Re: David Hedison

    I didn't hear about David Hedison's passing, so thanks for posting.

    He was one of my favourite character actors back in the day and I loved Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. I also thought he was the best Felix Leiter (Live and Let Die & Licence to Kill) in the Bond films.
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