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  • The Peanut Butter Falcon

    a modern picaresque in the vein of Huckleberry Finn, PBF follows Zach, a 22-year old man with Down's Syndrome who is institutionalized in a retirement home but dreams of becoming a professional wrestler (WWF style). he escapes the home and finds himself on the run through the Outer Banks with a local fisherman, Tyler, who is also trying to escape his own problems. just a nice story with a positive message, which sometimes is all a movie has to be. solid performances by Shia LeBoeuf and Dakota Johnson, in addition to Zach himself.

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    Re: The Peanut Butter Falcon

    Saw this last night. Been doing the redbox thing some when taking a break from writing during coronavirus shut in.

    I thought it a nice "feel good" film. I am quite pleased by the maturing of Shia Labeouf in this film. He is no longer the twitchy fast talking little actor he used to be.

    He has tried to distance himself from that person it seems by doing better roles that require real acting instead of running around shouting "Optimus!" or "Bumble bee!".

    I saw him in that war film Fury (2014) and thought he was beginning to find himself as a serious actor then.

    But his performance in PBF is much more polished.

    This film is a good "road trip" film that delves into how different people treat those with Down's Syndrome ranging from pity to anger to bullying to compassion as well as just treating them with respect like anyone else.

    I highly recommend Peanut Butter Falcon.