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    Re: Ad Astra

    I think another aspect is that we actually cared about the supporting characters in THE ABYSS and what happened to them.


    All the supporting characters in Ad Astra weren't around long enough to really connect, especially since by the third act you realized anyone not named McBride was just gonna be cannon fodder.


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      Re: Ad Astra

      Originally posted by Bono View Post
      Another big movie I don't want to see. Am I out of touch? I've seen this movie with big A list actors like 5-10 times and it never works for me.

      Everyone should watch THE ABYSS instead which is obviously not space, but under water, but still that same type of story about humanity and aliens and exploration. Searching for answers... yada yada... but you know, a great movie!
      omg. i love THE ABYSS, i watched it again about two weeks ago.

      "You never gave up on a fight in your life! Now fight, godammit, fiiiiight, fiiiiiiiiiii---ght!"

      and what about, "Virgil, you always were a weiner, never could stand up to a fight."

      and what was so amazing about that second line, is Virgil promptly tosses his wedding ring, that he still wears even though they're divorced, into the loo. Then immediately retrieving it, which turns out to literally save his ass 10 min later. now that's how you DRAMATICALLY write an effective set up.

      yeah, that's some amazing ****.
      "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist,- Pablo Picasso


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        Re: Ad Astra

        I haven't seen it in years, but now I have to go watch it again. Just went to Amazon and this is when I need a dedicated website to explain which DVD version I want of a certain movie because sometimes you want the 2000 edition not the 2004 due to special features...

        And I guess it's not on bluray and the DVD is priced very high for older editions... so many questions!!!

        I also love it's ugly step brother Leviathan