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    Another Done Deal Pro alum makes good . . .

    Seriously though, I've never played a minute of the video game and I checked out of Walking Dead after s2, but very much enjoying Mazin's adaptation. surprisingly, the zombies themselves only take up about 20% of the story through the first six eps, which i wasn't expecting. compelling characters and terrific acting all around

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    I've been enjoying watching it as well. And as you note, much more a "character drama" than fungi infected people. (Apparently the word "zombie" was a "no, no" on the set.) Also some great locations, sets, production design, VFX shots, etc.
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      If you go on YouTube you can watch a 10-hour walkthrough of the game, if you want to compare what they came up with with the show versus the video game's storyline.


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        What I'm really enjoying is the self-contained episodes that also inform the overall story. I also like the switching POVs from Sarah, to Joel, to Bella.

        Great ending on last week's episode. We know Joel's not dead, but implying he is and reinforcing it by not showing him in the next episode when we jump back in time, didn't fool me, because I've used the exact same device in my writing.
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          I binged it all in like 3 days. I enjoyed the leads and yet my favorite episode by far is 3 the detour episode that was I believe 99% not in the game, so that makes sense to me.

          I had strong reaction to the overall story -- I never played the game -- I love the 2 leads (I think we all do) -- but the overall story is in the walking dead vein (I watched that show from S1 to the end...) so I had some PTSD from that. In general, I don't like the depressing endings.

          I guess they stuck to the game storyline, but I hope for new season or two, they make some changes along the way.

          To me the beauty of source material that is a popular video game is that you can go any way you want vs it being from a book with a fully realized storyline and 1000 of characters like GOT.

          It's hard to talk about w/o spoiling it, but in general, the stuff I assume NOT in the game was the best stuff.