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  • Top ten shows on TV now.

    need help people. I'm taking a census on which shows writers watch most. It can be for any reason but if you can tell me one reason you like the show. thanks folks!

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    Re: Top ten shows on TV now.

    ESPNEWS. Because I need my sports.


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      Re: Top ten shows on TV now.

      America's Next Top Model.

      Best show on tv.
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        Re: Top ten shows on TV now.

        You might as well ask, what are your ten favorite shows?

        Veronica Mars - writing
        House - great character overcomes the disease-of-the-week syndrome
        Lost - writing (occasionally) and its bizarre setup
        Dr. Who - because it's fun
        Medium - entertaining look at a subject of interest
        NCIS - I'm not sure why
        My Name is Earl - it makes me laugh
        Monk - great character overcomes the campiness
        Simpsons - because I forget it's a cartoon
        Mythbusters - okay, not scripted, but where else can you learn how to escape from prison using salsa?


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          Re: Top ten shows on TV now.

          1) Lost
          2) Scrubs
          3) House
          4) The Office
          5) My Name is Earl
          6) Grey's Anatomy
          7) Sopranos
          8) Anything mindless on HGTV (like "House Hunters")
          9) Mets games when they're winning
          10) Mets games when they're losing


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            Re: Top ten shows on TV now.

            Doctor Who -- I've been watching it since I was a kid; it's traditional sci-fi fun
            Stargate SG-1 -- I've been watching it since it started
            Stargate Atlantis -- Followed it from SG-1
            Battlestar Galactica -- I'm a geek. Oh, and it's a good show.
            Lost -- It's interesting and they talk about it at work, so it's also a social thing
            The Daily Show -- laughter + thought = enjoyable
            The Colbert Report -- see The Daily Show

            That's it. I limit the number of TV shows I watch on a regular basis. I figure I should be watching several feature films a week if I want to write features. With time spent writing, reading about writing and other activities, there's only so many hours in a day. I dropped Smallville for Lost. I would probably watch a couple others if I let myself get caught up in them, including some that have been recommended to me as shows I would like. I would probably watch more television if I wanted to write for TV.


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              Re: Top ten shows on TV now.

              Tough to pick ten... but here's my list, in this order:

              The Office
              The Colbert Report
              Grey's Anatomy
              My Name Is Earl
              Desperate Houswives (though it's starting to get a little to dark for me and it's really getting out there in the believability factor)
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                Re: Top ten shows on TV now.

                In no particular order:

                Desperate Housewives
                The Shield
                Prison Break (it's pretty interesting sometimes/plus I have a friend on the show, so selfish reason to watch)
                Law & Order
                24 (although it's starting to lose me sometimes)
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                  Re: Top ten shows on TV now.

                  1. - The Wire
                  2. - Shield
                  3. - It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia
                  4. - Entourage
                  5. - Simpsons
                  6. - Law & Order SVU
                  7. - How I Met Your Mother
                  8. - Scrubs
                  9. - Sopranos
                  10. - Grey's Anatomy

                  Though I rarely catch any of these continually.


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                    Re: Top ten shows on TV now.

                    1. Big Love
                    2. The Office
                    3. The Sopranos
                    4. Curb Your Enthusiasm
                    5. 60 Minutes
                    6. Deadwood
                    7. Entourage
                    8. Lost
                    9. South Park
                    10. My Name is Earl

                    This isn't the Howard Johnson's.


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                      Re: Top ten shows on TV now.

                      There's no order to this list
                      House -- great characters and writing
                      Monk -- same reason
                      Sopranos -- I'm not sure why I watch it. I'm always surprised
                      AI (until last night) -- had to see Taylor's shirt and Kat's butchering
                      Jon Stewart -- writing
                      Bill Maher (until two weeks ago) -- writing
                      Frasier -- one of the few shows that makes me laugh out loud


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                        Re: Top ten shows on TV now.

                        You know, five years ago I could have easily given you a list of my top ten shows. It seemed like every night there was at least one show I had to see. Then the reality tv craze happened, and frankly I've gotten out of the habit of watching the tube.

                        I second the ESPN motion, Sportscenter rules.
                        My Name is Earl has hilarious characters, and I miss the great sitcoms.
                        I watch Desperate Housewives, but I don't particularly like it anymore.
                        Caught House a couple of times and Hugh Laurie is great.

                        Hoping to get caught up in something great this fall!


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                          Re: Top ten shows on TV now.

                          Battlestar Galactica
                          Late Night with Conan O'Brien
                          The Colbert Report


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                            Re: Top ten shows on TV now.

                            1. FOX NEWS WATCH (Yeah, I said it.)
                            2. Entourage
                            3. America's Next Top Model
                            4. Forensic Files
                            5. How I Met Your Mother
                            6. Girlfriends
                            7. Law & Order SVU
                            8. The Oprah Winfrey Show
                            9. The Andy Milonakis Show (yeah I said it)
                            10. The Soup

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                              Re: Top ten shows on TV now.

                              I'd have trouble coming up with ten ...
                              THE SHIELD -- just so gripping, and I dunno why. All it's got really is a few seasonal story arcs ... I really don't like the characters other than Mackey (as opposed to old Buffy re-runs, where I loved each and every character in the ensemble cast) ... but once it got me, circa season three, I had to see all the dvd's and catch it every week. Gritty, gripping, characters and plot, so well written it sounds and feels like it's happening right in front of you.
                              MY NAME IS EARL -- funny but with heartfelt emotions, too. And depicting the people of Indiana (maybe the whole MidWest? Where is is supposedly set? But them's real folks, lemme tell ya)
                              THE OFFICE -- side splitting funny, often heartbreaking too.
                              BATTLESTAR GALACTICA -- great, deep, character and idea-driven Science Fiction.
                              LOST -- you either already know why, or don't.
                              ER -- I guess its glory days are long gone (but a few years back, ER and NYPD BLUE and ALIAS and BUFFY ruled my roost) ... but it still feels like old familiar friends

                              On ALL of those older ones ... the dvd's are a wonderful way to lose yerself in an alternate world, next time you're down with the flu etc. watching episode after episode in that weird fever-trance way ...

                              Someday, I'll go back and watch HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET on dvd (only saw the last season of that, and expect it to be amazing from start-to-finish
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