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  • Smallville Finale **MAJOR SPOILERS**

    OKAY, so we got rid of Lana and gained Bizarro.

    What do you think?
    Good change for the series?

    Personally I've been tired of Lana for about two seasons and I was shocked and then pleased that she was gone. Then I realized that it was all a set up and she would be held in reserve as a (sound of trumpets) shocker.

    Makes sense though.
    Pathetic but makes sense.

    SO, what is up with this Bizzaro character?
    I read a little bit about it on Wikipedia and Smallville took it about as far the other direction as you can.
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    by BellaBella

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    Re: Smallville Finale **MAJOR SPOILERS**


    What, my thread not good enough for ya?!
    Thanks alot!!!
    Are you going to write "Trust me" in the query?"
    by BellaBella


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      Re: Smallville Finale **MAJOR SPOILERS**

      Doh, you know what, I was busy doing something as I typed my thread and seeing as they are only 4 minutes apart... I think I might have started typing mine before you posted yours. Sorry about that.


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        Re: Smallville Finale **MAJOR SPOILERS**

        1) They didn't get rid of Lana. They got rid of Chloe. She's the "one of the four main cast characters" who died (the rumor that had been going around for the past 2 months). Lana's "death" was a misdirection. Which sucks, because I've always liked Chloe more. Lana's character has always been whiny and bitchy and pretty useless. If I were Clark, I'd be all over Chloe (rather than Lana or Lois). But, I guess there was really nowhere else for her character to go. Jimmy's gone and being Clark's "IT support" doesn't provide much in the way of character growth or pizazz. Still, she was the hottest chick on the show.

        2) Yeah, I felt it was too rushed, too. I mean, they've built up this secrecy thing between Lana and Clark for 6 years now and finally this season they've teased her "knowing" all season, only to have him come clean and her say "okay" all in 30 seconds?

        I think next season will be better than this one only because now they have a much more talented, experienced, and cohesive writing staff and the themes have finally gotten darker and edgier which is a quality this show has been missing for most of its tenure.

        The last two seasons have been a lot better than previous ones and I think that has much to do with the work of Steven S. DeKnight ("Angel), Todd Slavkin, and Darren Swimmer. They've come up with some really good ideas and written some of my favorite episodes.

        3) I'm not real thrilled about what they did with Bizarro. Where's the stupid, clunky clod Bizarro that we're used to? Smallville's Bizzaro seemed more like "Evil Supe" from Superman 3. I kept expecting Richard Pryor to jump out with a spoon of crack, a lighter, and a chunk of that Phillip Morris brand tar-laced Kryptonite.
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          Re: Smallville Finale **MAJOR SPOILERS**

          Hey Jay,
          You get one time buddy. Don't EVER let this happen again.

          I don't believe that they got rid of Lana either. Not really. She'll come back in some half hooky, half decent way either in the season opener or a few epi's later.
          I agree with all your reasons about Lana staying She still has quite a bit of possible character arc left in her. Chole was kinda done.
          I will miss her quips. She got all the best lines. And she is the most honest of the group.

          I didn't like the secret sharing scene between Lana and Clark. I think they chickened out on what Clark was REALLY afraid of. He only half worried that Lana couldn't love an Alien BUT it is much harder to love the person who is responsible for all the misery, danger, pain, hardship, and evil that the town experienced. Clark's coming ruined Lana's life.
          He should have told her THAT and seen how she dealt with it.
          AND she shouldn't have been able to.

          One of Clark's/Superman's greatest conflicts is that he can never be one with the humans he protects. Now matter how much he loves us he will never be us, can't be with us.

          They had that going so well and then, poof. Gone with one kiss.

          Bizarro. I don't mind this new Bizarro because he is a HUGE threat. Something that can really really challenge Clark. Maybe even kill him by brute power. Clark will have to out think him. (Does Supes have super intelligence?)

          I didn't think the old Bizarro was a very strong charcacter. Kind of like a retarded child. According to the bit of research I did Superman didn't consider him a threat and kind of babysat him and his bizaro clan.

          I don't percieve Smallville's Bizaro killing himself just to be the opposite of Superman.
          Are you going to write "Trust me" in the query?"
          by BellaBella


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            Re: Smallville Finale **MAJOR SPOILERS**


            The news from TV Guide and Erica Durance is that CHLOE ISN'T DEAD!

            And John Glover says Annette O'Toole won't be back for next season, and a source confirmed this but she may be back to guest star occassionally.

            Watch the video here:

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              Re: Smallville Finale **MAJOR SPOILERS**

              Ah, this may be the result of one of those "literal rumors."

              Technically, Lois DID die. And, the rumor was that one of the main characters would "die" in the finale. But, the rumor I read/heard was that it was gonna be one of the main 4 (Clark, Lex, Lana, or Chloe). Perhaps they meant Lois?

              Or, maybe since everyone thinks Lana died, then they really meant her?

              Or, it was just all a stunt to get viewers?

              It's weird, because all the stuff I read pre- and post-finale was that it was Chloe and her character was killed off.

              Perhaps I was duped? Wouldn't be the first time. Wouldn't be the last.
              "Tact's just 'not saying true stuff.' " - Cordelia Chase