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  • New Amsterdam

    Anybody else watching this?

    First episode - a little slow, but it's just getting started so I'll give it a chance; it's basically a cop show with a supernatural backdrop that doesn't really come into play enough

    Second episode - the reveal about his son hooked me and I was loving this one; was excited about the next week's episode

    Third episode - dull, slow...I was falling asleep; next week better be better!

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is very hot though!

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    Re: New Amsterdam

    I have all the episodes thus far sitting on my DVR. I heard scuttlebutt that the series is already dead, and now I'm all reluctant to even start watching it. But I've been to so many different get togethers with biz folks in the last week or so that I no longer remember who told me the series was dead, so now I have no idea if I should even put any stock in the claim at all.

    Hunh. I guess this was kind of a pointless post, then. Sorry.
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      Re: New Amsterdam

      I saw the first, missed the second, saw last nite's ...

      I was really looking forward to it, from the prevues ... but I have to admit, there's seemingly zero mystery or character in it. The guy JOKES about all his former lives, and everyone hears it and just ... oh ha ha, but seriously ...

      Zero thrills. The woman he's finally met to be this all-consuming Love? The actress has all the excitement of a detergent advert. Jeesh ...

      I was hoping for something like HIGHLANDER, a protag with dark past lives and dark destinies. But this one seems dead in the water to me.


      How can someone start out with so much premise and potential and end up with such a snore? A show about an Immortal should be more fun than ... I dunno ... BREAKING BAD for example is a trip, and he's a high school nobody. But it rocks. New Amsterdam ... yawns.
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        Re: New Amsterdam

        It's terrible! It feels like a show that doesn't even know what it's about.


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          Re: New Amsterdam

          I saw the first two, missed last night's, forgot to record it! But, if the show is being cancelled... whoa! Now I'm a little concerned.

          But, I will take my chances and watch when and what I can I suppose...
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            Re: New Amsterdam

            I gave up on it already. I liked it for a change of pace, but not regular viewing.

            Even though it is tired I could live with Highlander vibe, but the unpardonable sin is trying still another quirky twist on one of one hundred main character cop or lawyer shows that have aired in the last decade (and thankfully many have vanished).

            Hopefully somebody at the Networks comes to the eventual realization that a high quality show that has some grounding in real life like the Wire, can appeal to a very loyal audience that they might eventually reach if they pass on the gimmicks.


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              Re: New Amsterdam

              I like it.

              It's nowhere near as deep as some of the other shows it's taken ideas from but I don't mind that.

              I'm not expecting much from it and so far it's pretty cute.

              There's a difference between cute and good in my book. Pretty good/awesome = Journey Man, pretty cute = New Amsterdam.

              From the sounds of the article written up about it, Fox dumped money into refilming the pilot to give the character a happier outlook once he found "the one". So, somewhere in the torrents is a different version of the pilot.

              And, that's fine since we've been through Highlander, Angel and Forever Knight, we don't need anymore brooding vigilantes. We're up to our arm pits in brooders, give us a happy Immy without the Immy Trans-Dimensional Trenchcoat.

              I like the fact he's not impotent, he sired more than a few kids and the fact his work mates just ignore the completely impossible facts about himself. Let's face it, we all have a mute button for our cubemates.

              If it is dead, hopefully Fox will at least show the episodes instead of shevling them.
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                Re: New Amsterdam

                I just finally caught up with this show - I like it. I agree on it's 'cute' factor. Tone reminds me of that show from CBS, "Early Edition..."

                I want to see it evolve and I'll still be TiVo'ing it



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                  Re: New Amsterdam

                  Do you guys remember the post guy on Cheers - the know-it-all, and didn't that guy just annoy the Hell out of you? I don't like the company of know-it-alls and this show is no different. Stopped watching, decided to read a book while it was on. I'm done.


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                    Re: New Amsterdam

                    I liked this show. But, I suppose it is not going to be renewed. Oh, well.