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  • Smallville - May 8th

    I posted this as a reply on the Chloe leaving the show thread, but wanted to post it here to get specific thoughts on what people thought of the episode.

    Here is my opinion:

    Am I the only one who thought it was horrendous? There were some good points, but not many. How many times will the writers throw in useless complications and what not to make it seem interesting. It isn't.

    Seriously, they just tell you the most ridiculous things. Like the antique-guy analyzing crypto(?) and seeing a signature. Of course! He had a rumor circulating about making a masterpiece clock. I also just so happen to know it was sent to a church in Montreal too! How convenient! Or, even worse, Clark seeing a third symbol, that Chloe instantly got to mean Saint Christopher Traveler Church in Montreal. What?! Come on... just make the damn thing simpler and believable. They make things complex and crazy for the sake of making it seem clever or exciting.

    I find it to be neither. It is just stupid and unbelievable. It makes the show superficial and annoying. That they can't sit down and THINK. It's like they had this brainstorming process and the first crazy, convoluted thing they came up with, they went with and it actually went through!!

    I'm sick of it. The show has always had that too. These weird, complicated stories that do nothing but clutter what the heart of the show should be and what it is when the show shines.

    Nope, they'd rather clutter it with useless BS...

    Hell, and they even believe all of that stuff creates tension I assume too. It doesn't. It's just filler and far too much of it because the writers can't think of something better, or don't care enough to do so maybe?

    I'm freaking sick of it.

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    Re: Smallville - May 8th

    To add though: I am VERY glad that Supernatural comes on directly afterwards. It is a pleasant change. Tonight's was pretty damn good IMO and one thing I really liked is that they really did well with the Bella character. I know towards the beginning... it was... eh. However, they realized the problem and found a very good way of fixing it IMO.

    Anyway, back to Smallville conversation...


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      Re: Smallville - May 8th

      I agree. This season especially is wearing thin on my patience.

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