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  • Rubicon

    This is supposed to be AMC's (and the world's) next big thing. It's airing after Mad Men in August. Did anybody catch the pilot episode they've been airing all week? It's basically a sneak preview, kinda like Fox has done for Glee and Good Guys. It's an approach I like actually.

    I thought it was excellent. I watched it twice. It's beautifully shot and truly evokes the paranoid thrillers of the 70s. I mean, there's no denying it's basically Three Days of the Condor. But the directing and music were fantastic. It's the kind of show made by cinema lovers.

    It's a small example, but I love that they didn't really explain the relationship between Will and David until halfway through. If this show was on NBC there would've been some forced way of explaining their connection in their very first scene. It just shows the level of art involved in a show like this.

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    Re: Rubicon

    I thought it was one of the most brilliant things I've watched all year.

    It's a slow show, but it's a slow burn -- and in only the best of ways -- as piece after piece comes in to form a more greater whole. It's also intelligent as hell.

    I honestly cannot wait to see more. I love it when a show refuses to pander to the viewer.



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      Re: Rubicon

      it bored me. too cerebral and too slow... unlike Damages which is cerebral and fast.


      is Damages coming back?


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        Re: Rubicon

        Entirely unemotional.

        The lead is too smart. He was figuring out stuff that meant a lot to him, but I didn't even understand at all.

        It was like looking through a window as random people did random things. I didn't care about any of it.

        If I watch it again, it'll be for the sexy brunette.