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  • Alcatraz

    This is wrong on so many levels.

    It was great to hear that the pilot was filmed in San Francisco. But upon further investigation, they just film three days on The Rock and the rest in Vancouver.

    I don't know what the film commission in SF is doing, but apparently it's not much. Not able to convince or just not willing to give incentives to production companies to film here is just criminal. The amount of revenue and business that can come to The City would outweigh what SF would have to give out.

    It's just wrong that SF is just used for background scenes in movies and TV but everything else is filmed elsewhere.

    I once asked to film outside of the courthouse, on a sidewalk just for a half an hour. I told them that this was for a short film and that I WAS NOT a large company, it was just me running the show. The amount of hoops I would have had to jump was mind numbing. From insurance to hiring cops to watch over us, it would have blown my budget to pieces.

    If they were trying to take blood from me, I can only imagine what they try and get when Hollywood comes a calling.
    Never let the competition know what you're thinking... and never tell the unseen masses your story idea.

    -- Rule 85, Ferengi Rules of Acquisition (updated by cmmora)